Hands-On Tutorials

TLDR: Enjoy some interactive visualizations summarizing eyebrow interaction data in Mistborn.

“Mist and Fury” — artwork by rosiethorns88 (used with permission)

If you’ve found yourself raising your eyebrows at the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, you are not alone. Yes, Mistborn is a fun fantasy read: the first era features a lovable bunch of thieves who navigate social disparity, political…

An illustration of a light saber handle with a DNA sequence as its beam.
Illustration: Carissa Knipe

Perhaps you’ve heard tales from the Dark Side of genetic engineering. Let me guess: evil scientists tinkering with genetics for nefarious purposes, mutant slime escaping the lab, maybe even a zombie outbreak or two. Genetic engineering has certainly garnered a risky reputation. …

Erin Wilson

Computer Science PhD padawan at the University of Washington training to dual-wield the powers of Computation and Biology. homes.cs.washington.edu/~ewilson6

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